Contributed by Tracy Hermann

1. Interior designers need to be creative AND have a technical skill set. Our education, qualifications, and licenses, combined with the knowledge of life safety and budgets lead to designing an inspiring space.


2. Interior designers impact the lives of people in a given environment, whether meeting their needs in corporate spaces, restaurants, courthouses, fitness centers, or libraries. Interior spaces can make a difference in how life is experienced.


3. Interior designers are constantly learning, improving their knowledge base and recreating themselves and their designs. Our profession requires continuing education and a mind for research.


4. Interior designers work hand-in-hand with architects and engineers on a daily basis in full service firms. We have to know enough about other disciplines to do our job successfully, whether its lighting, plumbing, or other key design elements–teamwork is key!


5. Interior designers lead a client to their goals and vision. You have to glean from them what they “see” and turn it into a creative, built environment.


6. Interior designers pay attention to detail and know how to combine details to create beautiful and interesting results!


7. Along with our industry partners, we are on the cutting edge of sustainable design whether its furniture or floor coverings.


8. Interior design is about solving problems and putting the pieces together in a functional end result. Your client has the “kit of parts.” It’s up to us to make it into a real design solution that is everything they envisioned. We possess collaboration skills that make the magic happen.


9. Interior designers can be on the jobsite in a hard hat, sitting at meeting with clients, and then working in a library full of architectural samples–if you don’t like a desk job, this profession is for you.


10. Last but certainly not least, being an interior designer is FUN!


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